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A feminist’s interpretation of the Inheritance Cycle

Books all around, books galore.
So many books with the female characters having no agency.

Now, have you read the Inheritance cycle?

The women are strong, the women are independent.
They have power, agency and a certain prowess.

Take any female in the series.

Led the Varden against an empire. Subdued the men who wanted her position and had the courage and capacity to say “in your face” to those men who thought that she couldn’t lead the Rebellion because she was a woman.
Integrity and skill and dedication and will.

Well, what to say about this one. A princess who left her post to wander. To work for what she believed to be true. Better than any man, stronger than any man. Physical, mental and emotional prowess. Tragic in her own character.

Bound by her love to Roran, but free in a sense that none could fathom. She has the audacity to go against the wishes of society, and the will to live through hell for what she loves. The capacity to decline what she feels is wrong, to stand up against someone who she thinks is wrong, be it her beloved.

Scarcely a child and yet so powerful. Manipulating everyone on her fingertips. She knows her power and doesn’t hesitate to use it. Brave enough to go against the leaders of the highest post and willful enough to get what she wants.

The magician. The witch. The eccentric sorceress. Belongs to no man, belongs to no place. On top of things and amongst all things. No place is outside her ken of understanding. Chilly and convoluted, she pulls the strings. Likable but not trustable. Her own mistress.

These women control their own lives and of those around them. Interesting and intriguing, they add a different charm to books that might have been all about war or victory of good over evil. A questioning of moralities, a probe into the accepted and believed.



Picture credits :’s-Inheritance-Cycle-Dream-Cast

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