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Where is the Inheritance Series fandom?

You have a Sherlock fandom, you have a Potter fandom, there is Supernatural, Doctor Who, Divergent, LoTR, Hunger Games, John Green and also hotchpotch medleys like Superwholock.
The fandom missing in action is the fandom of Eragon.

The dragon riders, the Inheritance fans, the Eragonians, the dragons, Du Fandom Varden.

Where are they, where are they?
Did they lose their way in the enchanting lanes of Du Weldervarden? Or were they taken in by Galbatorix?
Did the Dwarves lose them in their stone passages or the were-cats meddle with their brains? Are they living beyond the Fandom Milieu?

In a land of mysterious magic and creatures so bewitching, the land of knights and caverns and enigmas beyond the ken of the human understanding, what failed to enrapture the minds of the populace that consist of the fandoms that spout fanfics, cannons and exercise their imagination to the fullest?

Opening my wings I’d like to fly away with Saphira. To lands beyond the Hadarac Desert and seas beyond Vroengard.
In a land of premonitions, preposterous possibilities, deities and atheists, a struggle of power and the power of fate…
Come, come, lose yourself.
Fly away to the moon.

May good fortune rule over you. Peace live in your heart. And the stars watch over you.


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