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Mossad by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal

Q:If there’s something wrong with your neighbourhood, who’re you gonna call?

A: Ghostbusters.

Q: If there’s EVERYTHING wrong with your neighbourhood including active R&D of weapons of mass destruction with a singular objective of wiping your race out and a hate culture going strong since centuries, who’re you gonna call?

A: Israeli Defence Forces?

Eh, no because for a country whose entire population is less than what Hitler gassed, open conflicts are not a very viable proposition no matter how technologically advanced your weapons are (or how cool your Uzis look? STFU Carl).

Which is a bane too because the major reason for other nations to refuse sharing their technology with them is the (quite legitimate) fear that Israelis would reverse engineer and come up with an improved version of that firearm or missile or even radar system even before you could say

סוף העולם שמאלה or SOF HA’OLAM SMOLA properly.


So although the IDF is essential for warding off serious threats to Israel that are very good at collaborating and showing up on national holidays when most of Israel is fasting and sleeping in (read the Yom Kippur war), the clandestine services of Mossad (the Israeli Intelligence Agency ) are more effective and useful at nipping the evil in the bud , actually more like , gunning the mastermind down when he is on his way to work.


Therefore the correct answer would be Mossad.

But there is one catch here. You don’t call Mossad. You don’t  need to.

Their purpose is to help Jews anywhere in the world and not just Israelis even though Israel is the only Nation where this shadow organization is loved but that is alright as long as the rest of the world respects their capability, which it does, a lot.

The book has 21 chapters each providing a detailed account of the problem, the cause of the problem, the technicalities involved, a mind-blowingly out of the box solution, and the execution of the solution which at times is execution.

There are several reasons why Mossad is so successful. Firstly, which other country is in nearly as much danger as Israel?

Secondly, which other country has its population as diverse as Israel? They all returned to the promised land from USSR, Hungary, Poland, Germany, England, Ethiopia, France, Syria, Iraq and a lot of other countries and brought with them the language of the land along with heavy accent that paired with their appearance makes it impossible to spot them in hostile areas,

They show up with fake passports and at times a more elaborate disguise of a woman and do unbelievably brave things in a place more anti-Semitic than Adolf Eichmann (don’t you mean Hitler? STFU carl and go read the book first) and takeoff in planes that are already taking off with a rope dangling from the slightly open hatch.

Amazing impersonators as all of them are, fielding a spy right into the inner circles of aristocracy and leaking their secrets via a radio right next to a military airbase is a cake walk for them. So is winning hearts of their targets either by laying honey traps or with some suave sweet nothings that sweep women off their feet much like the Russian installed Radar Tower in Egypt because they figured “why bomb when we can take?”, but that’s another story another chapter.

Almost all of the agents that are frequently mentioned in the chapters have a jaw dropping military history and a Wikipedia page that you would be too tempted to read to ascertain if they actually pulled those incredible feats.

An astonishingly high number of Israeli defense authorities and ministers have been former members of Mossad and have supported or should I say covered the secret organisation. And those who do not yield to their wills, well Mossad does whatever it wants to anyway and just ensures one more person doesn’t get to know what happened until much later even if that person is the prime minister.

Each chapter leaves you with a heady feeling wherein you are moved to respect the Mossad agents’ finesse and professionalism. at times it makes you laugh at the gullibility of the supposedly dangerous nations that were royally outwitted and be fooled. Some of them might even make you shed a tear or two when you realize just how compassionate they are for their community and  how many undeserved hardships they have they been facing all their lives. Needless to say they inspire a surreal confidence to face life with a come what may attitude.

If you are thinking that all of it is just larger than life or too good to be true, The author has made a very sincere effort to put your skepticism to rest with around 150 pages dedicated just to all the international news articles, biographical accounts,  interviews and released documents fully supporting the narrative. there are some nifty pictures too, my personal favorite is “The Syrian nuclear reactor, before and after the visit of the Israeli Air Force. (U.S. government)



It is said that Chutzpah cannot be satisfactorily translated to English, By the end of reading this book you’ll have a fair Idea of what is it all about.







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