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mother's day

Mother’s Day

Her life was mired in a lot of pangs. They were physical. They were mental. However, she refused to relinquish. She accepted all of it with a broad smile on her face. A smile that concealed a zillion throes, a smile that shadowed a million drops of tears, a smile that articulated her glee just to bring me to the earth. She never cribbed for a single time.

She never kvetched for an iota of pain. Her tears were only discerned by her pillows, for she will not let the world know that she is in pain just to show me the light of the planet.
The day I blossomed on this planet, she had to strut through hell and yet she did it with a smile. She never cowered down in travails but she toted me in her arms and smiled the broadest.
She sacrificed her every small joys just to nurture me and make me smile. She let go of her dearest possessions just to see me chuffed. She acted herself as a shield in-front of me whenever any jeopardy loomed within the vicinity of me.

I have heard about superheroes with capes and masks. However, she is a superhero, who can outclass any superhero or any super villain on any given day.
Wordbred pays a homage to all our mums on this auspicious mother’s day.
Mothers, we all love you!

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