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Meet The Team

Saurabh Sharma


Part-time quizzer, full-time gunner, dreamer and an avid reader. Contact :

K. S. Santosh

Web Developer

Santosh is the quintessential computer guy. Among the things that he loves are web development, webtoons, learning esoteric programming languages and animes. His idea of happiness isn’t unattainable - an overnight marathon of programming and animes.

Yajvin Tandon

The Catalyst

The king of bad decisions and fiery reactions.

Ashmit Gautam


Literature. David Foster Wallace. Manchester United. Rock. Gaming. Tech.

Sohil Vinayak


He has academically dabbled in film-making and architecture, while his co-curricular outputs include screenplays, short stories, and some research work for a future novel. Apparently, he believes everyone's got one. He looks for mind-bending post-modernist stuff, like Philip K. Dick, David Foster Wallace, the unabashedly flowery prose of Salman Rushdie, and classic works which aim to push the boundaries of what constitutes a classic.

Devanshu Khurma


Reading non-fiction is definitely in his top three favourite things to do with programming and running.

Vani Shree


Vani prefers her puns intended. She is inquisitive, affable, and loves anything Spanish. She is a passionate debater, enjoys writing about various issues, reading non-fiction, poetry and cramming her mind with unusual ideas in her free time. She is pursuing her undergraduate studies at the University of Delhi.

Nikita Sharma


Nikita is stuck in time, a side effect of reading too many classics at a young age. She is one of those who still writes letters and sends postcards. Her heart belongs to English, and mind to Economics, which she pursues at Miranda House. You can find her sitting alone, reading poetry or drinking in the sights of her red-bricked college. Or simply slaving away on her college work. Nikita dreams with her eyes open, and hopes to make something out of her scribbles.

Chaitali Pant


Chaitali is pursuing graduation in English literature and Economics from Delhi University. The early acquaintance to the cult classics of the Indian cinema, and a few minutes with a pen and paper, created in her a liberal soul asking for more than just farce romanticism. Being a part of a prominent theatre society, strong feminists like Ismat Chughtai and Virginia Woolf imbibe in her a liberal observer. Also, her constant inspiration lies in the beautifully written poems of Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, T.S. Eliot and the great Ghalib. Sadat Hasan Manto's fearless writings are what she yearns for.

Brinda Singh


Brinda Singh is an 18-year-old law student, who lives in Mumbai and studies at the ILS Law College, Pune. Her interests include photography, listening to Coldplay and Taylor Swift, and playing with dogs. She is an unashamed fangirl, who still waits for her Hogwarts letter as she binge-watches BBC’s Sherlock. The one word she would pick to describe herself is "nerd". She has done research work in college, as well as been a part of her college’s debate society. In school she participated in a few Model United Nations and General Knowledge quizzes, along with being a member of her school’s basketball team. She is not picky in her favourite style of literature, as she will read quite literally anything from The Great Gatsby to A Game of Thrones. Besides crime fiction, she is up for just about anything, provided it’s well written.

Prerna Prakash


This is Prerna. She looks like a potato and does not like to eat potatoes on account of perceived cannibalism.
In her final year at DU, she feels very strongly about food, positive response to mental illnesses, animals, gender equality and books. She works for the You're Wonderful Project, and has worked for a couple of people who were all the way across the screen (that's the way she likes it.)
You would be amused by her constant impulse leading to reckless spending on books.

Rohit Ganguly


Rohit is a commerce graduate from South City college of Kolkata. He is also a sports aficionado who runs an amateur football club in the city and concomitantly is also a bibliophile. He is currently employed at Wipro since a year. Along with that he maintains various blogs. He has been featured multiple times on several Indian football websites. The latest feather in his crown was when he was selected as the writer for the official fans forum of Atletico De Kolkata. He has an affinity towards the horror and mystery genres, with Dan Brown being his favourite author.

Kanika Sharma


A crazy mind, a childish heart and an old soul encased in a fancy container displayed above. 🙂

Shashwat Gulyani


Shashwat loves to explore obscure histories of words, phrases, beliefs and more of everyday things. More so, he loves to have discussions about recently read (great) books. He has unrelenting appetite for wide ranging conversations that could take place in domains of psychology, literature, various world religions, technology, spirituality and also random mundane musings.

Shashwat gets stuck on various kinds of things - Web Development, Writing, Psychology - and he always has 'big' ideas in such diverse regions. He has worked on projects in some of these. Currently, he maintains that 'Writing' is what he loves most of all.

surbi inani
Surbhi Inani


Surbhi is an undergraduate sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a passion for Computer Programming. She has been involved in clubs like the Educational Technology club, the Robotics club and the Mayur SASA organization. She envisions using technology for youth empowerment as well as encouraging livelihood in rural areas. She loves playing badminton and basketball, reading sci-fi and young adult fiction, crime thrillers and dystopian novels. She spends a large chuck of her time binging on superhero TV shows. She is the biggest Potterhead around and will bore you for hours about the all the different fandom universes she wishes she could be a part of (except Panem, of course). She believes that with the power of the internet, free speech has not only been imperative to discuss the state of our nation but also unites us in our love for literature and the fandom culture.

Karishma Koshal


If Karishma had a Twitter bio, it would say genial and rebellious. Despite her attempts to appear mysterious and dark like Wednesday Addams, she's actually a Helga. Her father was in the Indian Army and she attended Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, where she was the school captain in her final year. After that she had not applied to any other university after school except for Delhi, and didn’t exactly score 99% in her boards, so she gave ECA auditions for debating and studied economics for a year at Miranda. Sadly, her classmates at Miranda loved economics and she felt like a sham. She realised she didn’t really love Miranda or economics the way she should’ve, and so took up English literature at KMC and started all over again. She loves being a flower girl, wearing brightly colored tie-and-dye clothes from Janpath and listening to the Beatles. Her favorite podcasts are ‘Stuff Mom Never Told You About’ on How Stuff Works. Spontaneity and travelling are perpetual goals for Karishma, and she further plans to write Judy Blume-esque tales for children.

Diksha Narang


Diksha is currently doing her Masters in Sociology. She is a wanderer among the social sciences. She spends her time reading philosophy, meeting animals and listening to rap music.

Shreya Sodha


Shreya Sodha is one of the two editors with the website. She was an assistant editor at Penguin Random House for about half a year. Later, she joined NCC as a Cadet and has led troops on all national level camps organised by the government for three long years, and passed out with flying colors. On the academic hand, she's completed her Degree of Bachelor's English Literature and Political Science. Stephen King, George Orwell, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Victor Hugo, and Agatha Christie are few of the writers that she can't resist reading. Apart from being an active representative member of the Green (R)evolution organised by UN, she takes great interest in MUNs and is trying to boost her artistic side by working as a photographer with National Geographic India.

Aditya Rawat

Web Developer

Aditya is a multi-talented guy, who is currently pursuing a course in Information Technology while winning laurels in various sports like swimming and volleyball.

He is someone who would get the job done before a certain deadline is given.

He spends his free time playing FIFA and follows Chelsea with all his heart.

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