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Karishma Koshal

If Karishma had a Twitter bio, it would say genial and rebellious. Despite her attempts to appear mysterious and dark like Wednesday Addams, she’s actually a Helga.

Her father was in the Indian Army and she attended Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, where she was the school captain in her final year.

After that she had not applied to any other university after school except for Delhi, and didn’t exactly score 99% in her boards, so she gave ECA auditions for debating and studied economics for a year at Miranda. Sadly, her classmates at Miranda loved economics and she felt like a sham. She realised she didn’t really love Miranda or economics the way she should’ve, and so took up English literature at KMC and started all over again.

She loves being a flower girl, wearing brightly colored tie-and-dye clothes from Janpath and listening to the Beatles. Her favorite podcasts are ‘Stuff Mom Never Told You About’ on How Stuff Works.

Spontaneity and travelling are perpetual goals for Karishma, and she further plans to write Judy Blume-esque tales for children.

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