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kid running

Running (Short Review)

followBy Anitha Murthy, is the story of a poor young boy Krishna, who had been doing, for most of his life, what he thinks is best, a lost cause for his mother who is a house maid and a potential champion in the eyes of Ranga Sir, a star athlete in his time. One evening, Krishna was caught goofing off work and was thrashed, cursed and sacked by his employer. That day he “turned dust” for his mother and it was also the day he started running.

A metaphorically laden term,Krishna seems to run away from the streets, carrying the weight of an unhappy childhood and unfulfilled expectations and towards new aspirations. The author tries to delve into his emotions as she intertwines Krishna’s past and his present in this descriptive narration.


If you like the premise and want to get the story, find it here.


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