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Aristotle’s Lullaby

What if you could punch your brains from the inside
A swinging logical uppercut
Right under the amygdala.
Such that, that the very foundations of those fluids shiver and die.
A single punch
Right from an Aristotle’s lullaby

Oh you’d sleep like a baby then
As mind curls without an iota of distortion
And harmony prevails like a stillborn cloud of fog.
No squealing from the hogs,
Of utter disgust and jealousy
Or no barking from the dogs
Of screeching greed and hunger
You’d sleep like you were never born
You’d sleep still, right where you lie
You’d sleep,
Like someone’s singing Aristotle’s lullaby.

How convenient would it be to disregard
An uncontrollable fit of rage
Or measure it to just the brim.
What an aberration would an argument be
Without rhyme or logic
How Utopian, would men be, and so be women
If we could just think before speaking.
Listen before speaking
And quit speaking.
Listen to that whimpering logic
Cornered behind your brains
‘Behind’. That’s the sad part.
And behind it’ll stay if we fail to listen
Listen to those shameful sighs.
That’s his cry.
That, you assholes
That’s the Aristotle’s lullaby.

Initially, Aristotle’s Lullaby feels like it is a song about determination and the feeling of how one has to keep going. But it creates a distinctive dent on one’s mind if observed from an ulterior angle of, how these weird imageries can find a place in this song. For some, it can be the story of someone who had a mental illness from childhood that they eventually learned to live with, for some it could just be a story about a compulsive arsonist and how he tried to restrain his urges through his life. The voices that scream and sing, a demon that you need to keep on the leash, and having to live with all of those things throughout your life. So a distorted explanation could not be one particular. It’s broadly about perspectives.

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