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kumar milan

Interview: Knowing Kumar Milan

We had the chance to interview Kumar Milan who’s a budding published author over email and whatsapp. And had his book published in June 2015 by Author’s Ink India “Things End But Memories Last Forever” while he was still pursuing his Degree.

This interview was conducted nearly a year back and we’re only releasing this today, yes we know how sloppy!

But then today is his birthday, so a great day to correct our mistakes!

Happy Birthday Kumar 🙂

Wordbred – So, starting with a basic question- Tell us a little about your education?

Kumar Milan – I did my schooling from Vidya Bharati School, Surya Nagar Ghaziabad and was overall topper in both class 10th and 12th.

I did my engineering in electronics and communication from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

I am currently pursuing my MBA in marketing from SCMHRD, Pune.

WB – So, if you had to sum up your entire publishing experience briefly, how would you do it?

KM – It was a perfect roller coaster ride with 10 extremely scaring turns. My manuscript was rejected by almost all bigger publication houses and later on in a week itself it was selected by 5 publisher when I was about to give up on this manuscript.

WB  – For every author their hobbies play an important part, what are you hobbies?

KM – I love to play badminton. Being with kids and playing with them is my favourite hobby and stress reliever.

WB  – What was inspiration for the plot?

KM – Some extreme real life situations and incidents which made me feel like I am playing any character of movie or book actually inspired me to pen down my own character with a twist.

WB  – Wanting to write about something to actually writing it, is something that requires some amount of motivation. What was your point where you decided to go ahead with it?

KM – Well writing is one thing which I enjoy doing in my spare time. I always wanted to write a story but was waiting since last 4 years to strike the right node to begin with. For this book that node was a near death escape in a car accident. I was just a second away from death along with my whole family while we were in a car, which helped me understand the uncertainty of life.

WB  – So, what is plot about?

KM – It’s about a strange and adventurous life of a teenager named Abhi whose life is nothing less than the fairy tale in the beginning but became scary by the end. The book tells the real life bitter-sweet incidents and discloses a candid narration by a mad, love struck and bemused guy, Abhi, who confesses about every last details of his past life to his best friend after a near death escape in a car accident. The tale of his first love Nikita and much more.

           Book Cover Art

WB  – What was the most common reaction you  received?

KM – Many of my readers think that I portrayed myself as Abhi but it’s not true. I used many real life incidents which I or some of my friends faced or observed in their lives. Since the narration is too candid that it looks like someone’s real life. Names used in books are completely fictional and then also some of my readers have asked me further about Nikita, first love of Abhi. Well only Abhi can answer about his current relationship and further communication with Nikita, not me 😀

WB  – Any fascinating fact that you have incorporated in the book that people don’t know about?

KM – The last chapter of my book contains a letter, real letter which I wrote many years ago but didn’t had audacity to send it to her. I edited that letter according to situation of Abhi but kept the sole meaning of letter the same. Few months back she (for whom I wrote that letter) got to know about this and maybe she had read that by now!

Apart from this there are few chapters to which nearly each and every one can connect and feel nostalgic after remembering their own time and incidents.

WB  – What was the general idea you maintained while writing? As in how the story should progress.

KM – I wanted to write a story which people can finish reading in one sitting and experience the series of emotions. It’s a perfect mix of feelings. In one chapter you would feel pain in your tummy after laughing and enjoying the scene whereas in next chapter you may cry on the destiny of Abhi.

I changed my plot 4 times before finalizing this one because this plot gives me that satisfaction of continuity and variation of emotions which a reader may go through.

WB – What has been your experience with publishers?

KM – For first time author it is very difficult to get published by established publishers. I was rejected by few big names with reply as simple as they don’t publish 1st time authors independently.

Even literary agents are nowadays too specific about choosing a manuscript of first time author. But there are still many opportunities for newbies as many new publication houses are marking their presence in the publication industry. For me, it took nearly one and half year to write, edit and getting it published. It varies from author to author.

WB –  So, how did your publisher get involved and decided to pick your novel?

KM – Author’s Ink publication is relatively a new publication house in industry but pace at which it is growing is remarkable. Mr. Aniket Kapoor, CEO of author’s ink understands the need of market as well as new authors and provides the customized solution to every eligible author.

Marketing and publicity efforts were on lower side from publisher which didn’t met my expectations but overall it was an amazing experience with author’s ink publication.

WB – Who are you favorite writers?

KM – Indian: Ravinder Singh

Foreign: Cecelia Ahern

WB – What advice would you like to give to the aspiring writers?

KM – Never give up on your dreams. There will be roadblocks but that’s not the end of path unless and until you stop trying. Today when I think of 10 back to back rejections and then watch the published book of mine, then I feel proud that I didn’t give up that week and submitted my manuscript again after making minor changes and finally got selected. Things End but Memories Last Forever, focus on making memories at each and every stage of your life. Enjoy your life to the fullest because you never know it turned out to be your last day!

WB  -So, final question- When is your next book coming up?

KM – I am planning to release it around 2018 before my MBA ends.


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